Tampé group

Project B4.2 - In-situ assembly of receptors triggered by light

Phone: +49 69 - 798-29470

Email: ArriagadaGonzalez (at) em.uni-frankfurt.de



Burghardt group

Project A1.1 - Simulation and optimization of VIPER uncaging


Schwalbe group

Project B1.3 - Complex strategies of light-regulation of oligonucleotides

Phone: +49 69 - 798-29128

Email: elamri (at) nmr.uni-frankfurt.de




Konstantin FalahatiBurghardt group

Project A1.3 - Photochemistry of Porphyrin and Coumarin Systems


Wachtveitl group


Project A3.2 - Two-photon and wavelength-selective uncaging


Wachtveitl group


Project A3.1 - Caged puromycin




Heckel group


Project A2.2 -Two-photon uncaging of oligonucleotides and peptides




Bredenbeck group

Project A4.1 - Uncaging strategies based on the VIPER approach

Phone: +49 69 - 798-46403

Email: kern (at) biophysik.uni-frankfurt.de




Wieneke group

Project B7.1 - Optochemical nanotools for the in-situ photopattern-ing in 2D and 3D

Phone: +49 69 - 798-29466

Email: pfaff (at) em.uni-frankfurt.de




Morgner group

Project B6.1 - Time-resolved Mass Spectrometry

Phone: +49 69 - 798-29587

Email: lieblein (at) chemie.uni-frankfurt.de




Glaubitz group

Project B3.1 - Time-resolved Solid-state NMR in Membrane Proteins in Lipid Cubic Phases

Phone: +49 69 - 798-29926/-29929

Email: demos (at) em.uni-frankfurt.de



Bredenbeck group

Project A4.2 - Analyzing and optimizing VIPER uncaging

Phone: +49 69 - 798-46431

Email: neumann (at) biophysik.uni-frankfurt.de




Schwalbe group

Project B1.4 - Structural and dynamical investigation of RNA and DNA by NMR spectroscopy

Phone: +49 69 - 798-29956

Email: pinter (at) nmr.uni-frankfurt.de




Heckel group


Project A2.1 - Multiple layers of selective photolysis of caging groups




Schwalbe group

Project B1.2 - Investigation of co-translational protein folding

Phone: +49 69 - 798-29956

Email: schulte (at) nmr.uni-frankfurt.de




Heckel group


Project A2.4 - Two-photon uncaging of oligonucleotides and peptides



Fürtig group

Project B2.1 - Mechanism fo RNA Unwinding catalyzed by DEAD-Box Helicase

Phone: +49 69 - 798-29931

Email: zetzsche (at) nmr.uni-frankfurt.de